Why is this important to you? Because Safe Money Investing impacts all aspects of your financial planning.

With Safe Money Investing, you can enjoy the tranquility of knowing your financial future is protected, stable, and poised for growth, no matter what the market brings. Let us help you navigate this journey with confidence and clarity.

Returns And Guarantees In An Unstable Environment

Retirement: Securing all aspects of your planning...

  • Growth 3-6% ABOVE bank rates
  • Tax preferred treatment of accumulated funds regardless of age
  • Free from claims of creditors
  • Access to capital investment immediately as needed by investors

Stability with Guarantees...

  • Deposit Principle: GUARANTEED not to decrease regardless of market volatility
  • Fixed Interest: GUARANTEED to stay at the agreed-upon rate
  • Deposit GUARANTEED -Insured Investments
  • Approved in All 50 states by Regulatory Agencies

Estate Planning...

  • Absolutely no probate of assets upon death
  • Ability to change beneficiaries as desired

Bond Alternative Without Inflation Risk

Higher Returns with Less Risk

  • Certificate of Deposit Alternative with similar protection and higher returns
  • Funds not invested in risky stocks or market products

You are in Control

  • Accumulate your savings and plan your income as needed
  • Income creating alternative with guaranteed credit rates of 3-8%

Attractive for Financial Planning

  • Non-IRA plan can be jointly owned with a spouse if desired
  • Can produce a guaranteed monthly income that mirrors a third social security income for the family
  • Tax preferred treatment of investment growth

Get PEace of Mind For Generations to come when You can build your wealth worry-free and be in total control of all the decisions.


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